CD & DVD Duplication at the Beach
an STC Company


Solutions to better help the production and protection of your investments.

Video Editing/Finalization Solutions
Is your company looking for a full production or just a final touch on a video? Whatever the case, we can help.
DVD Backup/Storage Solutions
Do you have a master production that needs to be copied? We can backup your original and store it for later use.










Video Editing

Utilizing Adobe technology, we offer high quality video editing services. These services can be used to make VHS, DVD, or web authoring video material. We pride ourselves on being the most versatile production company on the net. 

Services Offered


With over 6 years of experience cutting video footage for website development, we can cater to almost any need. We have 6 production computers and 1 server capable of encoding, editing, and finalizing any video material.